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The Witch Boy Graphic Novel
by Molly Nox Astertag

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The acme of fantasy, it shows that just because who you are doesn't mean that it is what you have to be.

Are You My Mother
by Dr. Seuss

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It’s so funny

by Gordon Korman

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This is a great book. It's about a trouble-maker and bully who lost his memory and now has a chance to restart. This middle school bully finds himself hanging with the nerds and geeks after forgetting everything about his past.

The Mark Of Athena
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a great book that I read countless times

The A-List
by Zoey Dean

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Some are born in, others have to work for it, and most, are never accepted. Meet, Hollywood Royalty. From the geek turned hottie and the golden couple , to the A-list wannabe, this a story worth telling.

The Ruins Of Gorlan
by John Flanagan

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This is the first book in Flanagan's wonderful series, Ranger's Apprentice. I think this series is absolutely amazing, and a must-read! I would suggest it to children grades 4-8, but it's truly a fabulous book no matter how old you are! This book was suggested to me by one of my favorite teacher's and once I started it, I could not stop reading it. This book takes place in a different universe and it's a medieval fantasy novel, which may sound uninteresting or confusing, but Flanagan writes in a way that is easy to understand and extremely enticing. There are different wards, and different professions to choose from. Will, who has been afraid of rangers all his life, with their dark hoods and ability to blend into shadows, is chosen to be...a ranger's apprentice. Parent-less, Will always wanted to be a knight, the greatest honor, but he never passed battle school. He thought he was going to have to be a farmer, but is being a ranger any better? Society makes a lot of assumptions about the rangers, and what they don't realize is that the rangers are the ones protecting the entire kingdom. They are extremely skilled in combat and surveillance, the most powerful and talented. There is a huge battle coming up, and Will must be trained and ready to attack. Follow on the journey of Will, his friends, and his peers. It's exciting, filled with action and adventure! This series is extremely addicting, and I 100% recommend. There are so many fabulous characters, plot twists, and even if this book doesn't sound interesting to you, let me just say...borrow the book anyway. Even I was surprised by how good this book was, it's not JUST a fun read, you will be moved to tears by the friendship, loyalty and romance. You will not regret picking this up and reading it, this series is absolutely phenomenal, and deserves more credit than it gets. Enjoy!

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
by Jk Rowling

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one of the best harry poter books, giving the long waited-on background for the rivalry between Harry's dad(James) and Snape.

The Wizard Of Oz
by L. Frank Baum

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You've all watched the movie, heard the story, and watched it again. But there's a book, did you know? You should read it, it's really good. 100% recommend

When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead

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I liked it more as a kid lol.

American Royals
by Katherine Mcgee

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This book is absolutely amazing! With all the books written by McGee, you can expect lots of drama, love triangles, and unexpected twists and turns in the plot, making it super exciting to read! This book takes place in the modern day, but instead of having a president and a democracy, America is a monarchy, with the first king being Washington. Now, years after the monarchy was established, Beatrice is about to become the first queen as leader, and her parents are urging her to find someone she loves and get married. As a royal, she only has so many options, and she's in love with someone else...a commoner! But she has always been taught to put the Crown ahead of her heart, what should she choose? Out of all the options her parents gave her, the only one she finds acceptable, just has to be the boy Sam, her little sister, who is constantly fooling around just to get attention, is in love with. Beatrice's little brother Jefferson, is admired by the citizens, and two girls, Nina - another commoner who wants Jefferson as a person, not a prince, and Daphne - someone loved by the public but truly will do anything just to be a royal, even kill..., are fighting for his heart. This story is told by the perspective of Beatrice, Sam, Nina, and Daphne, and it will most definitely not be a boring read! Enjoy!

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