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The courses on this list are available as DVDs. 

Do you enjoy attending lectures, but do not have the time or money to go back to school? The Great Courses are for you! The Great Courses is a lecture series by award-winning experts and professors who are from respected institutions and are selected for their ability to teach. It's the best of university - interesting and comprehensive lectures on fascinating topics, but without all the annoying homework and stressful examinations.

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The decisive battles of world history [videorecording (DVD)]

by Aldrete, Gregory S., Lecturer.

The Industrial Revolution [videorecording (DVD)]

by Allitt, Patrick.

Lost worlds of South America [videorecording (DVD)]

by Barnhart, Edwin.

The Italians before Italy : [videorecording (DVD)] conflict and competition in the Mediterranean.

by Bartlett, Kenneth R.

The Italian Renaissance [videorecording (DVD)]

by Bartlett, Kenneth.

Thinking like an economist : [videorecording (DVD)] a guide to rational decision making

by Bartlett, Randall.

The everyday gourmet [videorecording (DVD)] : the joy of Mediterranean cooking

by Briwa, Bill

How to draw [videorecording (DVD)]

by Brody, David, 1958-

Understanding the quantum world [videorecording (DVD)]

by Carlson, Erica W.

Dark matter, dark energy [videorecording (DVD)] : the dark side of the universe

by Carroll, Sean.

Luther : [videorecording (DVD)] Gospel, law, and Reformation

by Cary, Phillip, 1958-

The history of Christian theology [videorecording (DVD)]

by Cary, Phillip, 1958-

Native peoples of North America [videorecording (DVD)]

by Cobb, Daniel M.

The early Middle Ages [videorecording (DVD)].

by Daileader, Philip.

The Late Middle Ages [videorecording (DVD)].

by Daileader, Philip.

How the stock market works [videorecording (DVD)]

by DeGennaro, Ramon Paul, 1952- speaker.

Living the French Revolution and age of Napoleon [videorecording (DVD)]

by Desan, Suzenne, 1957-

Great thinkers, great theorems [videorecording (DVD)]

by Dunham, William, 1947-

The everyday gourmet [videorecording (DVD)] : baking pastries and desserts

by Durfee, Stephen L.

The world was never the same [videorecording (DVD)] : events that changed history

by Fears, J. Rufus, 1945-2012, speaker.

Famous Greeks [videorecording (DVD)]

by Fears, J. Rufus. 1945-2012

Famous Romans [videorecording (DVD)]

by Fears, J. Rufus. 1945-2012

The wisdom of history [videorecording (DVD)]

by Fears, J. Rufus. 1945-2012

Skywatching : [videorecording (DVD)] seeing and understanding cosmic wonders

by Filippenko, Alexei V.

A history of India

by Fisher, Michael Herbert, 1950- author.

Building a better vocabulary [videorecording (DVD)]

by Flanigan, Kevin, speaker.

Superstring theory [videorecording (DVD)] : the DNA of reality

by Gates, S. James (Sylvester James)

The history and achievements of the Islamic Golden Age [videorecording (DVD)]

by Gearon, Eamonn.

Take my course, please! [videorecording (DVD)] : the philosophy of humor

by Gimbel, Steven, author.

Understanding the human body : [videorecording (DVD)] an introduction to anatomy and physiology

by Goodman, Anthony.

Mathematics, philosophy, and the "real world" [videorecording (DVD)]

by Grabiner, Judith V., author, teacher.

Great masters. Stravinsky, his life & music [videorecording (DVD)]

by Greenberg, Robert, 1954-

Great masters. Shostakovich, his life & music [videorecording (DVD)]

by Greenberg, Robert, 1954-

The life and operas of Verdi [videorecording (DVD)]

by Greenberg, Robert, 1954-

The music of Richard Wagner [videorecording (DVD)]

by Greenberg, Robert, 1954-

Music as a mirror of history [videorecording (DVD)]

by Greenberg, Robert, 1954- author, lecturer.

How to listen to and understand great music, part I [videorecording (DVD)]

by Greenberg, Robert.

How to listen to and understand opera, part one [videorecording (DVD)]

by Greenberg, Robert.

Great masters [videorecording (DVD)] : Beethoven, his life and music

by Greenberg, Robert.

Symphonies of Beethoven [videorecording (DVD)]

by Greenberg, Robert.

Beethoven's piano sonatas [videorecording (DVD)]

by Greenberg, Robert.

Mr. Lincoln : [videorecording (DVD)] the life of Abraham Lincoln

by Guelzo, Allen C.

The American mind [videorecording (DVD)]

by Guelzo, Allen C.

The intelligent brain [videorecording (DVD)]

by Haier, Richard J.

The art of public speaking : [videorecording (DVD)] lessons from the greatest speeches in history

by Hale, John R.

The Vikings [videorecording (DVD)]

by Harl, Kenneth W.

The art of storytelling : [videorecording (DVD)] from parents to professionals

by Harvey, Hannah B.

The physics of history [videorecording (DVD)]

by Helfand, David J.

Religion in the ancient Mediterranean world [videorecording (DVD)]

by Holland, Glenn Stanfield, 1952-

Effective communication skills [videorecording (DVD)]

by Kehoe, Dalton, speaker.

A history of European art [videorecording (DVD)]

by Kloss, William.

Masterworks of American art [videorecording (DVD)]

by Kloss, William.

The birth of the modern mind : [videorecording (DVD)] an intellectual history of the 17th & 18th centuries

by Kors, Alan Charles.

How music and mathematics relate [videorecording (DVD)]

by Kung, David T., teacher.

Mind-bending math : [videorecording (DVD)] riddles and paradoxes

by Kung, David.

Experiencing America : [videorecording (DVD)] a Smithsonian tour through American history

by Kurin, Richard, 1950-

Anthropology and the study of humanity [videorecording (DVD)]

by Lacy, Scott M.

Understanding the mysteries of human behavior [videorecording (DVD)]

by Leary, Mark R., teacher.

Why you are who you are [videorecording (DVD)] : investigations into human personality

by Leary, Mark.

Robotics [videorecording (DVD)]

by Long, John, 1964 January 12- author, speaker.

Major transition in evolution [videorecording (DVD)]

by Martin, Anthony.

Why evil exists [videorecording (DVD)]

by Mathewes, Charles T., 1969-

Understanding linguistics [videorecording (DVD)] : the science of language

by McWhorter, John H.

Experiencing Hubble : [videorecording (DVD)] understanding the greatest images of the Universe

by Meyer, David M.

Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad [videorecording (DVD)]

by Muesse, Mark W. (Mark William), 1957-

How to grow anything [videorecording (DVD)] : container gardening tips and techniques

by Myers, Melinda.

The spiritual brain : [videorecording (DVD)] science and religious experience

by Newberg, Andrew B., 1966-

Biology [videorecording (DVD)] : the science of life

by Nowicki, Stephen, 1955-

Doctors : [videorecording (DVD)] the history of scientific medicine revealed through biography

by Nuland, Sherwin B.

The psychology of performance [videorecording (DVD)] : how to be your best in life

by O'Connor, Eddie, teacher.

The great debate : [videorecording (DVD)] advocates and opponents of the American constitution

by Pangle, Thomas L.

How we learn [videorecording (DVD)].

by Pasupathi, Monisha.

Music and the brain [videorecording (DVD)]

by Patel, Aniruddh D.

The addictive brain [videorecording (DVD)]

by Polk, Thad A., creator, speaker.

Science and religion [videorecording (DVD)]

by Principe, Lawrence M.

The creative thinker's toolkit [videorecording (DVD)]

by Puccio, Gerard J.

The Dead Sea scrolls [videorecording (DVD)]

by Rendsburg, Gary.

The nature of earth : [videorecording (DVD)] an introduction to geology

by Renton, John J.

Understanding the world's greatest structures : [videorecording (DVD)] science and innovation from antiquity to modernity

by Ressler, Stephen.

Optimizing brain fitness [videorecording (DVD)]

by Restak, Richard M., 1942-

American ideals : [videorecording (DVD)] founding a "Republic of virtue"

by Robinson, Daniel N., 1937-

Privacy, property, and free speech : [videorecording (DVD)] law and constitution in the 21st century

by Rosen, Jeffrey, 1964-

Biology and human behavior : [videorecording (DVD)] the neurological origins of individuality

by Sapolsky, Robert M.

Boosting your emotional intelligence [videorecording (DVD)]

by Satterfield, Jason M.

Museum masterpieces [videorecording (DVD)] : the National Gallery, London

by Scallen, Catherine B.

The science of information [videorecording (DVD)] : from language to Black Holes

by Schumacher, Benjamin

Algebra II [videorecording (DVD)]

by Siegel, Murray H.

The science of extreme weather [videorecording (DVD)]

by Snodgrass, Eric R.

Yoga for a healthy mind and body [videorecording (DVD)]

by Sormaz, Heidi Wenk, author, instructor.

Meaning from data : [videorecording (DVD)] statistics made clear

by Starbird, Michael.

What are the chances? : [videorecording (DVD)] probability made clear /cMichael Starbird.

by Starbird, Michael.

The life and death of stars [videorecording (DVD)]

by Stassun, Keivan G.

Earth at the crossroads : [videorecording (DVD)] understanding the ecology of a changing planet

by Strauss, Eric G.

The African experience [videorecording (DVD)] : from "Lucy" to Mandela

by Vickery, Kenneth Powers.

The history of world literature [videorecording (DVD)]

by Voth, Grant L.

The neuroscience of everyday life [videorecording (DVD)]

by Wang, Sam, 1967-

Introduction to astrophysics [videorecording (DVD)]

by Winn, Joshua N., teacher.

Understanding modern electronics [videorecording (DVD)]

by Wolfson, Richard.

Physics and our universe [videorecording (DVD)] : how it all works

by Wolfson, Richard.

Learning Spanish : [videorecording (DVD)] how to understand and speak a new language

by Worden, Bill.

The United States and the Middle East, 1914 to 9/11 [videorecording (DVD)]

by Yaqub, Salim.

Writing and civilization [videorecording (DVD)] : from ancient worlds to modernity

by Zender, Marc.